Grianan Ailigh , Donegal

Grianan Ailigh , Donegal

Donegal and the Inishowen Peninsula would be  recommended areas to visit on any Ireland tours.

On the peninsula is an ancient fort known as Grianan Ailigh , whose origins date from 1700 BC !!!

It is thought to be linked to “pre Celtic” invaders called Tuatha De Danann.

The fort was significant enough to be included in a second century AD map of the world by Ptolemy , the Alexandrian geographer. It was listed as the base of chieftains in Ireland. The history is just fantastic.

The views are spectacular and Burt Church is nearby and also worth a visit on any tours of Ireland.

At Ireland Luxury Tours  we can plan a tour to include such hidden gems and must see attractions. Why not combine a tour with some golf at the great courses all around Donegal.