Howth Castle Gardens, County Dublin

Howth Castle Gardens, County Dublin

Howth Castle and Environs


These gardens are on the peninsular of Howth which forms the extremity of the north-east boundary of Dublin.

It’s an easy day trip on any tours of Ireland.


Howth is prominent in Celtic history and has been inhabited from the earliest times.

At a period approximate to the time of Moses the erection of a fort on the peninsula is recorded.


The present castle dates from the 14th century.

It has a rich history including connections with the Danish Vikings invasion.


It also marks the place where Grace O’Malley (the pirate Queen of Ireland) met with Queen Elizabeth the First.


The gardens are famous for having over 2,000 varieties of Rhododendrons.

There is also a fabulous beech hedge walk, which has an elm tree planted in 1585 at the entrance.


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Howth Castle Gardens are well worth visiting.


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