Huntingtower, Perthshire

Huntingtower Castle, Perthshire

Huntingtower, Perthshire

This is a castle situated near Perth, in Perthshire.

The village of Huntingtower is nearby.

It is a hidden gem on any tours of Scotland.


The castle is a very fine castellated house of the 15th and 16th centuries.

It has very fine painted wooden ceilings.

There are also old wall paintings.

It was the ancestral home of the Ruthvens (pronounced Rivens)

Then in 1600 the family were involved in a conspiracy that led to their lands and estates being confiscated.


The last inhabitants of the castle were the family of the castle custodian Niel Cowan.

The Cowan family left in late 2002.


Today, the castle can be visited by the public and is sometimes used as a venue for marriage ceremonies.


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