Inch Abbey

Inch Abbey

Within sight of Down Cathedral and the Mound of Down in Downpatrick stands “Inch Abbey” on a low mound beside the River Quoile. It is worth a visit on your tours of Ireland.

It was once surrounded by marsh on three sides , and the present approach road follows the line of the monks’ causeway across the marsh. The Abbey’s site failed to protect it from the Vikings , who destroyed it in 1001 and again in 1149.

The present remains date from its re-foundation in 1180 by John de Courcy. From the start the Abbey was meant to be a centre of Norman influence and an edict of 1380 debarred Irishmen from joining the community. The three striking lancet windows that remain , at the Eastern end of the church , once lit the altar. It was here , separated from the nave by screens , that the monks congregated for worship.

The Abbey’s manual workers , the lay brothers , were kept to the nave. Other buildings on the site include a chapter house and an infirmary as well as a bakehouse with an enclosed well.

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