Inishmurray Island, County Sligo

Inishmurray Island, County Sligo

Inishmurray Clasaí Mór 2 2007 08 22

This little island is off the coast around Sligo.

The access point is the little harbour of Mullaghmore.

It will take up a full day on any tours of Ireland.


The island is about 4 miles out to sea.

It is uninhabited.

The last residents left in 1947.


But the island contains a very interesting collection of historical sites.


There are the ruins of one of Irelands earliest Christian churches.


On the other hand , there is a most unchristian collection of “Cursing Stones”.

These rounded stones are the subject of a legend which claims that nobody has ever succeeded in counting them correctly twice in succession.

There are about 40 stones?


These hidden gems are what makes trips to Ireland so much more special.

At Ireland and Scotland Luxury Tours we pride ourselves in adding such things to our itineraries.

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