Ireland And Scotland Tours 2019/2020

Mussenden Temple, County Londonderry

Ireland And Scotland Tours 2019/2020

This blog is really to advise potential travellers about booking trips in 2019 and 2020.


If you are just coming for a tour of either country be aware that the best located hotels book up quickly.

The hotel choice is very important for comfort, authenticity, and location.

There are many “castle” hotels in Ireland and Scotland which are not as good or authentic as others.

Choose wisely.


These locations dictate your itinerary and time travelling in a car.

You want to be in the car as little as possible with flexibility to make impromptu stops.

There are so many hidden gems on roads that coach parties cannot access (so you will not hear about them from the general traveller)


As a company we are always shocked at the short notice from some clients who expect to get the best hotels and best rooms.

This year we have had to disappoint more clients then normal.

That is not what we like to do.


Remember how important locations can be.

Remember that you want to waken up, open your curtains, and see Irish and Scottish countryside.

The rooms that allow you to do this are limited, especially in the boutique hotels.


Really, if you want a quality trip, planning is everything.

Contact Ireland and Scotland Luxury Tours now to create the trip of a lifetime.