Ireland And Scotland Tours 2020

Ireland And Scotland Tours 2020

If you are seriously thinking of a tour of Ireland, a tour of Scotland, or a tour of Ireland and Scotland, start planning NOW


It seems that 2020 will be a busy year for private, chauffeur driven, tours.

Many travellers have become more “savvy” in what they want from a trip to Ireland or Scotland.


Coach tours are less expensive, but they are very impersonal.

You are herded on and off the coach, only as quickly as the slowest passenger.

There are many stories of a full coach of people sitting for over an hour waiting on one set of late passengers.

Coaches can only access certain roads due to the size of the vehicle and you can miss some of the hidden gems.


At Ireland and Scotland Luxury Tours we carefully plan your trip according to what YOU want to see.

Then with a private vehicle you have the flexibility to meander down country roads or change up the day as you want.


We only use top class hotels. Not the most expensive, but not the least expensive either.

We believe in value for money.

A good night’s sleep and a good breakfast sets our clients up for the day.

That means they are energised and looking forward to exploring.


But as I said 2020 looks busy.

As a small family run company, we only have limited availability.

Please contact us early to avoid any disappointment.


Happy New Year from Ireland and Scotland Luxury Tours.