Ireland tours in 2012

Ireland tours in 2012

If you are planning any Ireland tours in 2012 here are some important tips……..

1. Dont try and see too much in a short time on your Ireland tours. Whilst the island is small Google maps guide you down motorways when calculating journey time. Ireland tours require you to take the little country roads and enjoy the villages and scenery.

2. In 2012 Ireland will host Olympic tourism , a Formula one event , and the Titanic anniversary , plus of course the Irish Open Golf Championship at Portrush. Hotels will be booked early and you need to plan your Ireland tours early to get your first choice rooms.

3. Ireland tours are enhanced by visiting little pubs and restaurants that are off the beaten track. The food can be wonderful and the “craic” fantastic. Just in case you are worrying “craic” is the Irish word for banter/fun.

4. Try and use local travel agents and guides to advise you as there is nothing that can replace first hand experience of planning Ireland tours

I hope these little tips help you achieve a wonderful trip in 2012 , and I wish you every success with your Ireland tours.