Isle Of May

Isle Of May

This is the farthermost of the Forth islands, in the Firth of Forth.

It is a nice place to visit on any tours of Scotland.


The isle was popular with Cristian monks in the distant past.

Saint Adrian was killed by the raiding Danish Vikings in 870AD


The remains of a 13th century chapel, dedicated to Saint Adrian, may still be seen on the island.


The island is also very important regarding migrating birds.

There is a Bird Observatory and Field Station, which was set up in 1907.

Seabirds begin to gather on the Isle in April and numbers increase throughout the spring months.

You can see Guillemots, Fulmars, Terns, Gulls and, the very popular Puffins.


The Isle of May is the second largest east coast breeding colony of grey seals in Scotland.

The island is closed to visitors from the 1st October until Easter to prevent disturbance to the large number of seal pups.


There are no permanent human residents now living on the island.

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