Johnstown Castle, County Wexford


Johnstown Castle, County Wexford

This is worth a stop on any tours of Ireland that take you near Wexford.


Johnston Castle does not qualify for most commonly accepted definitions as a castle.

It is in fact a 19th century Gothic mansion.

But as it does incorporate the remains of an old castle the name Johnstown Castle is justified.

It has very attractive gardens and there is a nature trail laid out through the grounds.

It is a nice place to visit and a bit of a hidden gem.


Polders to the North and South of Wexford Harbour have become the passage and the wintering ground for thousands of wildfowl.

The likes of Greenland white fronted geese, Shelducks, Mallard, and Tufted Duck can all be found there.


It is also worth considering a look at Lady’s Island.

The ancient monastery on the island was dedicated to the Blessed Virgin.

Hence the name Lady’s Island.


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