Kildrummy Castle, Aberdeenshire

Kildrummy Castle, Aberdeenshire

kildrummy castle

This is the best surviving example of a 13th century stone castle in all of Scotland.

It is situated in Aberdeenshire and worth visiting on any tours of Scotland.


The castle still possesses a complete articulated layout of domestic buildings.

This gives you a real feel of living during this time.


The gatehouse has two massive drum towers which are very impressive.


The castle flourished from 1377 to the 17th century.

It was involved in the Siege of Kildrummy in 1306.

Later the castle was occupied by both Royalists and Roundheads during the English Civil War in 1651.


Near the castle archaeologists found some eirde-houses.

These are remarkable stone lined underground dwellings from the Iron Age.


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