Kilkee , Co. Clare

Kilkee , Co. Clare

Kilkee is a resort on the Clare coast that boasts a beautiful curving , sandy beach , and an outcrop of rock , called Duggerna Reef and is worth a visit on your Ireland tours. It is a wee hidden gem !!

Just East of Kilkee is Doonbeg , the centre of traditional Irish music.

Traditional Ireland still survives along the Atlantic seaboard to the South West of Kilkee to Loop Head , low stone cottages , the thatch roofs turning green where they are empty , or replaced by corrugated iron where the are still inhabited; narrow , stone-walled strips of land extending from the sea to the hills; the crash of waves on the cliffs of the North coast. Soft Gaelic speech is a real experiece to be had on any tours of Ireland.

Visit County Clare on your tour and experience the traditional Irish culture.

duggerna reef