Knappogue Castle, County Clare

Knappogue Castle, County Clare

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This castle is situated between Ennis and Limerick.

It was built in 1467.

This is a castle worth seeing on any tours of Ireland.


Knappogue was built by “John Maccon MacNamara”

He was the Lord of Clancullen and High Chieftain of the Dal gCais.

By 1580 the MacNamara family had built 42 castles !

That is quite incredible.


In 1946 the castle came in to the possession of James Quin , a local farmer.

He then sold it to Mark Erwin Andrews of Houston , Texas in 1966.

His wife was an architect and restoration was carried out under her supervision.


In 1996 the castle passed to Shannon Development.


Today the castle is used as a location for weddings and medieval banquets.

There is now a brand of whiskey named after the castle , and its pretty good stuff.


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