Knockfeerina , County Limerick

This is a small peaked mountain standing with a view over the wide and rich plain of County Limerick.

It is a real hidden gem on any Ireland tours and is just east of the town of Ballingarry.

Its name means "hill of truth" and all indications suggest that it was a sacred site in pre-Christian Ireland.

Locally weather forecasts are taken from the appearance of the hill.....mist or cloud-cap suggesting rain and a clear view suggesting good weather. They are the two main options on any tours of Ireland !!!!!!

In mythology the hill was once the main residence of the ancient god of the dead. His name was "Donn" and many stories tell of his appearance as a ghostly rider on a white horse.

It is also claimed that Donn is the king of the Munster fairies and that his band fight a battle in May and November against the Connacht fairies who are led by Fionnbharra.

Ireland is full of such legends and you can immerse yourself in the scenery and the stories for a truly unique experience.