Lanark, South Lanarkshire

Lanark - St Nicholas' Church

Lanark, South Lanarkshire

This is a small village worth a stop on any tours of Scotland.


It dates back to Roman times and beyond.

Saint Kentigern preached here and the ruins of a church erected in his name can still be seen.

It is said William Wallace (of Braveheart fame) married Marion Bradfute at the church.


Its notable history began in 1124 when David the First built a castle and Lanark was made a Royal Burgh.

Robert the Bruce enlarged and improved the castle.


The bell in the tower has a rich history dating back to 1110. It is known as the “Old Bell”.

There is also the “Silver Bell” which is the oldest horse racing trophy in the world dating back to 1590.


Lanark is a true hidden gem with a rich history.

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