Leinster House

Leinster House

On your tours of Ireland why not stop off at Leinster House in Dublin. It is a real hidden gem.

It was designed by Richard Castle in 1745 for the Earl of Kildare. Built on the then unfashionable , and largely undeveloped , South side of the city , the Palladian mansion has the appearance of a country rather than a town house.

In 1815 the house was sold to the Royal Dublin Society. The patronage of the society led to the establishment of a number of cultural institutions around Leinster House , including the National Library , the National Museum , the School of Art , and the National Gallery.

In 1922 the government of the new Irish Free State obtained a portion of the building for parliamentary use , and two years later acquired the entire building. The house is currently the seat of Dail Eireann.

Why not organise a tour of Dublin and include Leinster house in your Ireland tours.

leinster house