Leny, Loch Lomond

Leny, Loch Lomond

Loch Lubnaig, Scotland

This is a small narrow, and romantic, pass to the Central Highlands.

It is stunning and gives you a feeling of the past and how folk travelled.


The River Leny flows through this pass, and there are the picturesque Falls of Leny to see.

It’s well worth visiting the pass on any tours of Scotland.

You can even see Salmon leaping the falls on their way to their breeding ground at Loch Lubnaig.


There is also the old Leny Castle to see.


The burial ground of the “Buchanans of Leny” is also by the river.


At the North end of the pass is the ancient Chapel of Saint Bride.

Attached to this chapel is a cemetery which holds six generations of McKinlays – the ancestors of President McKinlay of the USA.


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