Lough Gill, County Sligo

Lough Gill, County Sligo

Lough Gill, County Sligo

This is a true hidden gem that our driver/guides like to show clients.

At Ireland and Scotland Luxury Tours we know all the best spots.


It is a small pretty lough surrounded by hills on its North side.

To the West is “Cairns Hill”

This hill is scattered with a lot of Prehistoric remains. It is very interesting.


Close by is the 18th century “Hazelwood House”

The demesne around the house has a unique collection of wood sculptures.

These are hidden on a woodland trail which makes for a nice walk.


At the Eastern end of the lough there is the romantic looking “Parkes Castle”

This was built on the edge of the water in the 17th century.

It was built on the site of a moated tower-house by Robert Parke.


That moated tower- house had belonged to the Irish Chieftain Brian O’Rourke.

He had sheltered a Spaniard from a wrecked Armada galleon.

For that he was hung at Tyburn gallows.


A really nice hidden gem on your tours of Ireland.