Lough Key, County Roscommon

Lough Key, County Roscommon

Castle Island


This lough is in Roscommon.

It is 72 feet deep and has 32 islands.

There is a fantastic forest park on the shores spanning 865 acres.

It is a great spot for hiking and worth a visit on any tours of Ireland.


The lake and its environs were once the property of the MacDermotts, princes of Moylurg.

But they were seized in the 17th Century and granted to Sir John King.

They remained in that family until 1959.


There is a modern viewing tower called Moylurg Tower.

The vista from the top is impressive.

There are also good fishing and boating opportunities available.


We, at Ireland and Scotland enjoy letting clients visit Lough Key as the area has been inhabited for thousands of years.

It’s a great piece of history.