Lough na Fooey, County Galway

Between the raw slopes of Benbeg (1788ft), in Joyce Country to the South, and the flank of the Partry Mountains to the North, is a lake of haunting beauty. In poor weather, when cloud and mist cloak the surrounding hills, Lough na Fooey is an eerie place, but when the weather breaks and the gold-fingered clouds drift high over the peaks, it is like a mirror raised to the sky.

A dramatic cascade at the Western end tumbles down the tree-lined ravine of Alldubh (‘black cliff’) to form the River Fooey which, after crossing rough pasture, feeds the Lough. Just above it is a conical hill, Knocknafaughy (847ft), an easy climb which has beautiful views of the lake and the scooped-out hills around.

Lough na Fooey is a little known attraction which is a real hidden gem and worth a visit on your tours of Ireland.