Metheven, Perthshire

Metheven, Perthshire

Methven Castle

This is a village in Perthsire, Scotland.

The attraction for anyone on tours of Scotland include a church and a castle.


Only a fragment of the church from 1433.

But from a carved stone it is possible to assume that the church was added by Margaret, the widow of King James the fourth.

Margaret died at the Castle of Methven in 1540.


The present castle was finished in 1680, and is said to have been built on the site of the battle fought there in 1306.

This battle resulted in a defeat for Robert the Bruce, shortly after his coronation, by the English led by the Earl of Pembroke.

After the story of William Wallace, followed by the rise of the Bruce, it is a significant part of Scottish history.


It’s a really nice hidden gem!


Nearby at the village of Dalrue there is a fine bridge with one semi-circular arch that spans 80 feet.


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