Minaun Cliffs, Achill, County Mayo

Tramore Strand by Rossographer

Minaun Cliffs, Achill, County Mayo

Achill is the largest island off the Irish coast.

It is approached by bridge across the sound and you should see it on any tours of Ireland.


It is shaped like an inverted “L” and is fifteen miles in length. Its widest point is twelve miles.

For the most its wide heather covered turf, and bare windy mountains, are walled with magnificent sea-cliffs.

It can be wet with a lot of soft Atlantic rain.

But it is stunningly beautiful.


There are scattered villages and the people are very friendly and welcoming.


Ireland has a lot of fine cliff scenery, but Minaun Cliffs are really quite spectacular.

You will find then close to the village of Keel, which lies at the Western end of Tramore Strand.

Tramore Strand is quite something in itself. A curve of firm sand running for two miles.


Minaun Cliffs are 800 feet high and have been weathered into queer quartzite shapes.

The most fantastic are the “Cathedral Rocks”.


At Ireland and Scotland Luxury Tours we enjoy showing our clients Achill Island and the Minaun Cliffs.