Molly Malone…..Dublins First Lady ??

Molly Malone…..Dublins First Lady ??

If you are on Ireland tours , then , when in Dublin you will see a statue of Molly Malone , and may even hear a song about her.

It appears that Molly Malone is a real Irish urban legend.

According to that legend she was the most beautiful girl in eighteenth century Dublin.

She lived with her parents in the Liberties and sold cockles and mussels in the classy area around Grafton Street and Saint Stephen’s Green by day …….and her body to Trinity College students by night !!!

The song is world famous….

verse 1

In Dublins fair city, where the girls are so pretty,
I once met a girl called sweet Molly Malone,
As she wheeled her wheelbarrow, through the streets broad and narrow,
Cryng cockles and mussels` Alive alive o


Alive alive oh,
Alive alive oh
Crying cockles and mussels,
Alive alive oh.

Verse 2

She wheeled her wheelbarrow through the streets broad and narrow,
Just like her mother and father before
And they wheeled their wheel barrow,
through the streets broad and narrow,
crying cockles and mussels alive alive oh

My love had a fever and no one could save her,
And that was the end of sweet Molly Malone,
But her ghost wheels her barrow
through the streets broad and narrow
crying cockles and mussels alive-alive oh.

This could be the story of Sweet Molly Malone or thousands of others who lived by this trade for generations

Dont miss the statue….or hearing the song…on any tours of Ireland