Monea Castle and Lough Navar Forest

Monea Castle and Lough Navar Forest

Great names and real hidden gems on any Ireland tours that take you to Fermanagh and Enniskillen.

Monea Castle is a particularly fine example of a Planters castle , built around 1618. It is a the end of a beautiful tree lined lane and bears the signs of Scottish influence in its design. It has similar features to the reworked Maguire castle in Enniskillen.

It was destroyed by fire in the Great Rebellion of 1641 and again by Jacobite armies in 1689.

Eventually in 1750 it was abandoned after another fire !!

Tully Castle is nearby and having been burned by the Maguires in 1641 it is now restored.

Also nearby is Lough Navar Forest which offers tremendous views of the loughs and surrounds.

Worth seeing on any tours of Ireland or our extended Belfast tours , and accessible for cruise ship passengers.