Mount Bruis, County Tipperary

Mount Bruis, County Tipperary

Why not organise a visit to Shronell in County Tipperary and see the remains of Mount Bruis on your tours of Ireland. Its a real hidden gem.

Joseph Damer was a banker and entrepreneur who moved from England to Dublin in 1662 and soon purchased large tracts of land in County Tipperary from the Cromwellian settlers. He filled these lands with sheep and set up a vast business in the export of wool.

Though phenomenally rich , Joseph was reputed to have been a miser – Dean Swift wrote that “He walked the streets and wore a threadbare cloak , he denied and supped at charge of other folk”.

He died unmarried in 1720 , and the massive wealth passed to his nephew John.

Like his Uncle , John Damer was also said to havebeen very careful with his money , and several stories are told about this.

In the year 1740 he commenced the building of a great mansion in Shronell , on a little hill which he called Mount Bruis.

It was said that he had a secret vaulted room in that mansion , with doors heavily padlocked , and that he had a vast treasure in sovereigns hidden away there.

A travelling tailor came by one day and offered to cut a new suit of clothes for Damer. The magnate quickly enquired as to the cost , and the tailor answered that the only payment he desired was a look at the treasure. Damer was very pleased at this , and when the work was done they went to observe the glittering sovereigns. Growing curious , Damer asked the tailor what he could gain from this , and received the quick reply: “It does me the same good , sir , as it does yourself!”

The gable is all that remains of the great house at Shronell. It is said that there were 365 windows in that house , one for every day of the year.

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