Mountsandel Fort & Coleraine, County Londonderry


Mountsandel Fort & Coleraine, County Londonderry

This is an ancient ring fort dating from 100 BC. Near the town of Coleraine.

It’s definitely worth a stop on any tours of Ireland.


The fort was the seat of Rory Mor, king of the Picts, and the capital of their territory.


Coleraine itself has a history of raids, battles, and sieges.

Between 1100 AD and 1424 AD much of the town was destroyed.

In the 16th century the town was occupied by English troops.


The idea was to colonize the town with English and Lowland Scots to keep the Irish clans in check.


Coleraine has a fine town hall built in 1743.

It’s also worth seeing the parish church of Saint Patrick, built in 1884


The River Bann runs through the town, and has the Salmon Leap.

This is a barrier of rock some twelve feet high over which salmon and eels hurl themselves to reach their spawning grounds.


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