Mullet Peninsula

Mullet Peninsula

The Mullet Peninsula is a hidden gem in County Mayo if you are on any tours of Ireland in that area.

It is 40 miles West of Ballina and Belmullet marks the entrance to this empty but scenic peninsula.

Here only the birds shatter the peace on the many lovely and lonely beaches around Blacksod Bay. Its a real piece of authentic coastal Ireland !

Early settlers built forts here and remnants can still be seen at Doonamo Point , Doonaneanir , and Portnafrancach.

About 5 miles Southwest of Belmullet are the ruins of Cross Abbey , which is traditionally associated with Saint Brendan.

In the sand dunes of the Northwest , a mile from the ruins of Bingham Lodge , is ancient Kilmore. This is a small circular enclosure with a cross wall and a large pillar stone. Legend has it that the people in Kilmore church yard were buried standing up !

The ruins of the early Christian “Saint Dervlas Church” and Bed (grave) , plus some early cross pillars , can be see at Fallmore on the Southern tip of the peninsula.

A great base for this trip is the superb Ice House hotel in Ballina where the food is simply exceptional ! The Ice House is a great stop on any Ireland tours !