Narrow Water Castle

Narrow Water Castle, County Down

Narrow Water Castle

Narrow Water Castle is at the bottle neck of the Newry canal which runs into Carlingford Lough.

It was built after the restoration of King Charles the second to protect the commercial town of Newry and its strategic hinterland of Down, Armagh, and Louth.


Carlingford is a very quaint village which is a great stop on any tours of Ireland.

Its shores are dotted with the names and claims of successive invaders such as Megalithic man, Danes, Normans, and Saxons.


Across the stretch of water are the purple mountains of County Louth and the rocky headland of Cooley.

The oldest and best of all Celtic sagas “Tain-Bo-Cuailgne” tells of the great raid on Ulster by the rest of Ireland in order to capture the “Brown Bull of Cooley”.

It is all about how, against all the odds, the invaders were defeated.


Our driver/guides at Ireland and Scotland Luxury Tours often visit Carlingford.

There is a super pub to eat in

There is also a great antique shop to explore with many different types of treasures.


Don’t miss this hidden gem!