National Gallery of Ireland

National Gallery of Ireland

Once again , if you find yourself on tours of Ireland and visiting Dublin , this is a bit of a hidden gem. Perfect to visit on a rainy day.

The National Gallery was inaugurated in 1864.

It houses the national gallery of Irish art from the late sixteenth century to the mid-twentieth century. There is also a collection of Eoropean master paintings from the fourteenth to the twentieth centuries.

Among the most important eighteenth-century paintings on display are “Nathaniel Hone the Elder” , “George Barrett” , and “Thomas Roberts”.

The nineteenth century collection has excellent examples of the group known as the “Irish Impressionists” ( Nataniel Hone the Younger , and Sarah Purser , for example )

The sculpture collection from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century includes many Irish portrait busts.

The building was adapted from Lanyons original plan by Francis Fowke. A new Millenium Wing was added.

So if on ireland tours , and in Dublin , visit Merrion Square West……you wont be disapponted.

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