Navan Fort , County Armagh

Navan Fort , County Armagh

For nearly seven hundred years Navan Fort was the great seat of Northern power , rivaling Tara in the South. 

 It was here that the kings of Ulster ruled and Queen Macha built her palace on the earthwork’s summit. 

It’s a site of deeply mystical significance , but one also of the enormous archeological interest. 

The court of the Knight of the red Branch , Ireland’s most prestigious order of chivalry , was based here too.  The knights , like those of the Round Table, are historical figures entirely subsumed into legend , their greatest champion being the legendary defender of Ulster , Cuchulainn.  The stories of these warriors’ deeds are recited and sung in what’s now know as the Ulster Cycle.  Their dynasty was finally vanquished in 332AD, when three brothers  (the Collas) , in a conquest known as the Black Pig’s Dyke , destroyed Navan Fort , razing it to the ground and leaving only the earthen mounds visible today.  The defeated Red Branch Knights were driven eastwards into Down and Antrim , and were little heard of again.

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