Newry is largely considered at the main crossing point from North to South or vice versa.

But if you are on Ireland tours there are a few hidden gems in Newry.

Firstly you have the Catholic Cathedral which looks bland from the outside but has a most interesting interior.

The Town Hall is also worth a look as it is built on a bridge over the river Clanrye and is half in County Down and half in County Armagh.

The Newry and Mourne museum contains Nelson’s table from H.M.S Victory and a lot of information on local history.

Lastly there is Bagenal’s Castle which was once a Cistercian Abbey. It was actuallly found within a former bakery !!

So….if you are on tours of Ireland or extended Belfast tours consider a wee stop in Newry !!

If you fancy an overnight stay we recommend the Canal Court Hotel