O’Connell Bridge, Dublin

O’Connell Bridge, Dublin

O’Connell Bridge, Dublin

This is the principal bridge across the River Liffey, in Dublin.

It is the main life line between North and South Dublin.

You will definitely cross it on any tours of Ireland!


It was once known as the “Carlisle Bridge” and was rebuilt in 1794, and then again in 1880.

It was named “O’Connell Bridge” after the founder of Irish Nationalism – Dan O’Connell.

His statue is there on the bridge.


Nowadays it has beggars and homeless along its sides.

A sad reflection of the times in Ireland.


At Ireland and Scotland Luxury Tours we urge you to go and see the bridge but be aware that there are some sights that will not be cheery.

There are also pickpockets there, mostly from the immigration that has taken place over the last ten years.


But it is an iconic sight and worth seeing.

Why not cross it and come back by the famous “Halfpenny Bridge”?