Olympic tours in Belfast

Olympic tours in Belfast

We have been busy with a number of queries regarding Belfast tours from people who are attending the Olympics.

It seems that many people are in London from all over the world.

They want to see Belfast , and are coming over on flights for a day or overnight , and taking our Belfast tours and beyond. Some are even enquiring about our extended Ireland tours for after their Olympic visits.

We have a group of Japanese clients arriving who want to see the new Titanic museum and enjoy one of our Belfast tours.

They will get to visit Belfast City Hall , the Grand Opera House , Queens University , and Belfast Castle….the must see attractions in Belfast.

We will also take in the murals on the Falls Road and Shankhill Road and a few secret hidden gems.

So , if you are in London , and want to see Belfast , contact Ireland Luxury Tours , and try one of our numerous Belfast tours.