Proleek Dolmen, County Louth

Standing like a giant mushroom on three uprights is a 5000 year old tomb with a huge capstone, known as ‘The Giant’s Load’. Local legend claims that the capstone, which weighs some 46 tons, was placed there by a giant. In fact it was probably hauled into position up an earth ramp that was then removed. Visitors who can throw three pebbles that remain on top of the capstone will be granted a wish, it is said.

Nearby is an unkempt gallery-grave made of rocks that seem to outline a great bed, said to be the grave of a Scottish giant who came to challenge the Irish hero Finn MacCool, and lost the fight.

Back on the road lies a single line of terraced houses that form the village of Ballymacscanlan. It is one of the smallest villages in Ireland, with only six houses.

Proleek Dolmen is a real hidden gem and is worth a visit on your tours of Ireland.