Quin Abbey, County Clare

Quin Abbey, County Clare

Quin Abbey, County Clare

This is a great stop near Limerick if you are on any tours of Ireland.


The Abbey was founded for Franciscans in 1402.

The buildings date from 1433, when Macon Dall Macnamara settled Observatines (reformed Franciscans) at the site.


The monastic church consists of a nave with a south chapel.

There is a central tower, and a chancel with a north chapel.

A former castle on the site was incorporated in the Abbey and traces of this remain.

The monastic buildings are north of the church.

So, plenty to see and a lot of history to enjoy.



The Abbey was “supressed” in 1541, but the Franciscans returned.

They were driven out again in 1641.

But they remained in the vicinity.


The town of Ennis is nearby and also worth visiting.


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