Roberton, Roxburghshire

Roberton, Roxburghshire

This is a village in Roxburghshire, Scotland.

It sits on Borthwick Water and is worth passing through on any tours of Scotland.


Nearby is Harden House, a 16th Century building restored in 1864.

Harden House is the seat of Lord Polwarth.


Also nearby are the 18th Century houses of the “Chisholmes” and the “Borthwicks”.


In the heart of the Borders is a fantastic old church, now used as a hostel, where great pony-trekking can be had.


Interestingly there is a moorland road nearby which leads past Bellenden.

This was the high gathering ground of the Scotts, whose war cry is “Bellenden”.


At Ireland and Scotland Luxury Tours we like to show clients the unique and interesting parts of Scotland that are often ignored by the coach tours.


Below is a small piece of the poem by Will Ogilvie, The Road to Roberton


“The hill road to Roberton: Ale Water at our feet,

And grey hills and blue hills that melt away and meet,

With cotton-flowers that wave to us and lone whaups that call,

And over all the Border mist – the soft mist over all.


When Scotland married England long, long ago,

The winds spun a wedding-veil of moonlight and snow,

A veil of filmy silver that sun and rain had kissed,

And she left it to the Border in a soft grey mist.”