Rosneath, Argyll & Bute

Rosneath Peninsula, Argyll & Bute, by Thomas Nugent

Rosneath, Argyll & Bute

This is a small village on the Gare Loch.

It is an interesting stop on any tours of Scotland.


It is popular as a yachting centre.


In the village is Saint Modans Well, indicating the spot where a church was founded by Saint Modan in the 7th Century.

Pilgrims came to take the healing waters.


At the south east extremity of the bay is the ruin of an old castle.

It dates from 1630 and was fitted up as the second residence of the Marquess of Argyll.

It was burned in 1802.


Rosneath has connections with William Wallace, through the nearby landmark “Wallace’s Leap”.

This is where he is said to have jumped on horseback to make his escape.


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