Saint Flannans Oratory, County Clare

Saint Flannans Oratory, County Clare

This is a true hidden gem on any tours of Ireland.

Try and take it in on any journey that takes you in this direction.


The Oratory was built in 1182 at Killaloe.

Killaloe is a beautifully situated spot at the southern tip of Lough Derg.

It is a small town in east County Clare.

The town is connected by Killaloe Bridge to the “twin town” of Ballina.


The Oratory has a richly ornamented portal is a masterpiece of the Irish Romanesque style.


Also of interest is Thorgrims Stone.

This is a granite stone that is unique for being incised with two quite different scripts.

There are Runes and Ogham inscriptions.


There are fantastic day cruises available travelling around Lough Derg and the River Shannon.

It is well worth taking the time to try these cruises.


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