Sandwick & Around

Opposite the small, scattered village of Sandwick is the Isle of Mousa, an RSPB reserve. The impressive double-walled Mousa Broch (13m) stands on the island - this well-preserved broch was built from local sandstone between 100 BC and AD 100 and features in two Viking sagas as a hide-out for eloping couples! The island is also home to many sea birds and Waders; around 6000 storm petrels nest on Mousa, but they’re only on the island at night. Common and grey seals can be seen on the beach and among the rocks at West Voe.

Back on Mainland, Hoswick Visitor Centre has a great collection of old wirelesses (including the daddy of them all - the Murphy-type wireless). There are displays on fishing, whaling, weaving and peat casting.

Mousa Broth is a must see on your Scotland tours.