Scattery Island

Scattery Island

scatteryScattery Island lies about a mile offshore from Kilrush in the exposed Shannon estuary , County Clare. Its a bit of a hidden gem on any Ireland tours.

It was last inhabited in the late 1970 s and the tiny quay is dotted with overgrown derelict cottages.

Because of its isolation out in the estuary , the island retains a strange sense of timelessness.

Saint Senan founded a monastery on the island in the sixth century and at one time there were seven monastic settlements.

The community suffered greatly from Viking raids , but there are still the remains of several churches dating from between the ninth and the fifteenth centuries.

But Scattery’s most impressive feature is the round tower , perfect in form , the stone made a warm mustardy yellow by the lichen that covers it.

The Shannon is also home to a group of bottlenose dolphins , another sight well worth seeing on tours of Ireland.