Scotstarvit, Fife

By Gordon Hatton, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Scotstarvit, Fife

This is near the Hill of Tarvit in Scotland.

It is an interesting stop on any tours of Scotland.

Definitely a bit of a hidden gem.


Scotstarvit Tower is a high and notable landmark.

It is Ashlar faced, embattled, and turreted.

It rises to five storeys complete with garret and roof.

The panel on the tower is dated 1627 but is known to have been in existence since 1579.

In the 15th century it was the home of Sir John Scot.


Nearby the Mansion House at Hill of Tarvit was built in 1696.

It was remodelled in 1906 by Sir Robert Lorimer.

The house contains tapestries, porcelain, and paintings that are worth seeing.


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