Sneem, County Kerry

The Sneem River, Sneem, Co Kerry

Sneem, County Kerry

Sneem is a village spectacularly set against the mountains on the Ring of Kerry.

It is actually pronounced “Shneem”

It is dominated by the nearby 2245 feet high Knockmoyle mountain.

The pretty cottages in the village are all different colours.

This was done so that drunken residents could find their way home to the proper cottage, ……. Allegedly!!!

The villages Catholic church dates from 1865, and contains the grave of “Father Michael Walsh”.

Walsh was a 19th century priest immortalized in the song “Father O’Flynn”

The Protestant church has been altered many times but dates from “Elizabethan” times.

There is fantastic local salmon fishing available.

At Ireland and Scotland Luxury Tours we like to stop in Sneem for a coffee as we pass through.

Don’t miss it on your tours of Ireland.