Staigue Fort, County Kerry

Staigue Fort

Staigue Fort, County Kerry

This is a prehistoric stone fort that is worth seeing on any tours of Ireland.

Staigue stands on a commanding eminence about 500 feet above the sea.


It is at least 2,000 years old.

The fort was built as a defence against enemies and marauding animals of that time.

With a diameter of 114 feet outside, and 84 feet on the inside, it is sizeable.


The walls are built from schistose stones without the use of mortar.

Those stones are 15 feet thick at the base, narrowing to 7 feet thick at the top.

They stand 18 feet high.

So, it is quite a construction for that era, and you will be amazed at the scale.


Sadly, the fort has suffered some recent damage due to the collapse of the cliffs.


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