Summerhill , County Meath

The attractive village green running down the middle of the main street of Summerhill once formed a gracious approach to a Georgian mansion and a castle. The estate was originally owned by the Lynch family , who built the castle around 1600. Forty years later , they were evicted by Cromwell.

In the early 18th century Lynch’s Castle was finally abandoned when its then owner , Hercules Rowley , built the mansion , Summerhill House , on the hill-top. The mansion was burnt down in the 1922 civil war. Ambrosio O’Higgins (1730-1801) , Viceroy of Peru and father of Bernardo O’Higgins (1778-1842) , liberator of Chile , is said to have grown up on the estate.

A public-spirited landlord , Rowley created the village of Summerhill , at the beginning of the avenue of trees that led up to his mansion. The village still exists much in its original picturesque form.

Lynch’s Castle is a hidden gem, to organise a visit on your Ireland tours contact us now.