Terpersie Castle, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Terpersie Castle, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

This castle is in Aberdeenshire and a hidden gem on any tours of Scotland.

It stands in a little tributary glen of the Suie Burn north of Alford.

There are round towers and roofless gables with a picturesque Z plan tower house.

Terpersie castle was built by William Gordon in 1561.

The fifth and last laird fought at Culloden.

After defeat he lay in hiding but eventually succumbed to revisiting his home.

He was captured and executed at Carlisle.

The road that climbs up the Vale of the Suie near Terpersie and crosses the Suie Hill at a height of 1,281 ft, has a fine view.

It is probably the finest view in the North-East of Scotland.

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