The Aran Islands, County Galway

The Aran Islands, County Galway

Doonagore and Aran Islands


These are three small islands 30 miles out in the Atlantic Ocean off the West coast of Ireland.

The islands are known as Inishmore, Inishmaan, and Inisheer.


The first inhabitants of these islands are thought to have arrived during the late Bronze age.

There is plenty of evidence that Iron Age settlers came here between 400BC AND 500AD

Real history to take in on any tours of Ireland.


Christianity came to the Aran islands in the 5th century when Saint Enda created a community.

This has left the island a rich collection of ecclesiastical remains.


During Medieval times the O’Flahertie’s of Connaught and the O’Brien’s of Munster fought over the islands.

In 1565 Queen Elizabeth resolved the dispute by granting the islands to an Englishman!!!

By the mid-17th century the islands had lost their political importance and the soldiers stationed there simply became islanders themselves.


The islands isolation have led to the continuation of their unique culture following a lifestyle largely lost to the rest of Ireland.

They still speak the Irish language on the islands.


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