The Battle of Clontarf ….1014 AD

This was an ancient battle fought by "Brian Boru" and the forces of Munster ....against the Vikings of Dublin, the Leinster Irish, and their Scandinavian allies.

Traditionally seen as a struggle between the Irish and the Vikings , for sovereignty of Ireland, the battle was really the culmination of an internal struggle between Irish provincial rulers for the control of Ireland.

The battle began at dawn on April 23 and, by that evening, Brians forces had gained the upper hand and defeated the Leinster-Vikings alliance. There were many losses on both sides. It was a bloody battle.

Brian himself was slain in his tent and his son "Murchadh" was killed on the battlefield.

While the battle removed the threat of Norse domination in Ireland , it did not totally extinguish their presence or influence. Many Norsemen returned to their strongholds in Dublin , Waterford and Wexford , which they continued to control until the Anglo-Norman invasion in 1169 AD.

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