The Burren

The Burren

Ireland is magical and is possessed of yet another unique geological formation.

That is the moon like “Burren”………which covers 200 square miles of the West of Ireland ……….in an area bounded by the Aran Islands off Galway Bay and , Gort , to the North East of County Galway.

The ancient saying described this weird landscape, which is formed of gray limestone, and is regarded as one of the biggest natural rock gardens in the world, as it provides a home for many exotic wild flowers, is…. ….”that it contains not a tree on which to hang a man, not water enough to drown him, or earth deep enough to bury him”

The flowers , which range from mountain avens to maidenhair and orchids ,  shelter in the many cracks and fissures among the rocks.

It is not surprising that the early Irish found the Burren a mystical and strange place , and it is dotted with more than 700 dolmens and stone forts.

There are also massive underground cave systems , notably Aillwee Caves , which are open to the public.

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