The Great Sugarloaf in County Wicklow

The Great Sugarloaf in County Wicklow

This is a cone shaped mountain in County Wicklow which is well worth seeing on any Ireland tours. It is without doubt a hidden gem.

It is 504 metres tall and easily climbed to about three quaters of the way up. The last part is a little harder.

There is a tremendous view of the surrounding plain of North Wicklow.

Its name dates from the 17th century due to its white appearance.

According to myth the great father -diety of the Irish ( the Daghdha ) lost his residence at Newgrange (also worth visiting on any tours of Ireland) and had a palace built at the top of the mountain.

The mountain was a focus for assemblies and fairs in ancient times attracting leading Druids.

It can be taken in while visiting Dublin and the whole area is worth looking at as a contrast to the many miles of coast that you will see on tours of Ireland.

County Wicklow in general is a must see attraction !!!