The Lakes of Killarney

The Lakes of Killarney

This is one of the most celebrated scenic sites in Ireland and lies immediately outside the town. Well worth seeing on any Ireland tours.

The three Lakes of Killarney lie within the 11,000 acre national park of the same name. In the cntre stands Muckross House and its famous abbey….Muckross Abbey.Visitors to this highly attractive area come by “jaunting car” , a variation on the pony and trap theme , whose drivers are renowned for their wit and loquacity. One of their favourite lines , and there are many , as one crosses the bridge over which the track to the house passes , is to point out that “the same river can be seen over both parapets”. It gets you thinking for a minute.

The lakes around Killarney are justly popular with tourists. One of the most famous vantage points is the Ladies View , which offers an excellent panorama of the Killarney Valley and the stretches of water which have made the place so famous.

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